Create Greater Virtual presence & Connection

  • May 14 - Jun 9, 2020

  • Eastern Standard Time


In a flash, our communication shifted from shared space to a square screen. Our subconscious is hard wired to read body language, but Zoom affords us few clues to the hearts and minds of our audience. 

This is unnerving especially if the energy of in-person engagement enlivens you. If you believe making a genuine connection with others is essential– this webinar offers tools to bridge the great divide from your home to others and to genuinely engage and build stronger connections even from a distance.

 In this training Barrie teaches you to:

§  Cultivate practices to generate self-awareness and presence 

§  Learn communication skills that captivate and express confidence

§  Reduce Zoom stress and fatigue.

§  Develop personal presence plan for future virtual meetings


Join me to transform virtual platforms into an expansive opportunity.

Zoom Link  

I will send a reminder with link on Wednesday, May 13th