Imagine an expressive gesture you make, a simple cross of your arms and a lift of your knee transforming into a solo dance. Connect that dance with a personal story and you have the creative ingredients for a Story Choreography Workshop.

Move and be moved as we engage in personal exploration and community collaboration through weaving our story with movement. Participants are led through movement structures and partnering exercises leading to the creation of a short personal story, simple self generated choreography and performance.
Workshop attendees discover and witness how personal stories come alive through gesture, movement and shape and how combining these two art forms: story and movement, creates a magical expression of our innate ability for creativity.
No experience necessary.

This is NOT a series. You can step in any or all Mondays and
experience a brand new way to access creative expression.

What Former Participants Say...
"Having worked with Barrie on two Story Choreography projects, I enthusiastically encourage you to consider participating. Your heart will be opened, you will experience greater connection with others as well as your own being, and you will have a lot of fun as you expand your notion of how you can express yourself. I even met my sweetie there - so what are you waiting for?"
~Rob Campbell

"Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I've appreciated working with you this fall. There are so many aspects of this work that is very inspiring, educational and transformative for me."
~Ash Devine

Venue Details
Jubilee! Community
46 Wall Street, Asheville, North Carolina, 28801, United States