Accessible, open, grounded and present – these are words that describe speakers and leaders who embody authentic presence. It’s a potent ingredient for engaging audiences, gaining trust with colleagues and clients and for walking into any situation with confidence.  Making a great impression, speaking with clarity and honing the skill of authentic presence are tools that deserve attention to bring our best self to the world.  

For this quality of presence to be expressed, our first step is to tune in and develop mindful attention. Be ready to engage, practice and apply new skills in this dynamic and highly interactive program. You will learn ways to step up confidence by turning down nervousness and tuning up self-awareness and calming skills – the first steps to discovering and increasing your presence. Barrie will help you recognize your innate ability to express from your signature strengths and give you tangible and applicable tools. This training is a smart and potent approach to accomplishing what you want to be in the world: present, powerful and professional.

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Mind Spring Consulting
966 Tunnel Road, Asheville, North Carolina, 28805, United States